Whenever you think of identification theft, you envision someone stealing your SSN or hacking your email account. But, it’s farther reaching than that.
Common Kinds of Fraud Fraud is all too common in our world today. From voter fraud to banking account fraud, Americans’ personal info is more vulnerable than ever before.

Here are the 9 types of fraud you Want to watch out for:
Mail Fraud
Driver’s License Fraud
Health Care Fraud
Debit and Credit Card Fraud
Bank Account Takeover Fraud
Stolen Tax Refund Fraud
Voter Fraud
Internet Fraud
Elder Fraud

Knowing the various kinds of fraud and following these guidelines to prevent being a victim might help you protect your identity.
Mail Fraud The definition of mail fraud is simple! It ’s any activity that involves the use of postage mail. This could mean sending a letter to attempt to fraud money or personal info from someone, inventing and opening someone else’s mail, or using chain letters to collect money or things.

If mail is used at any point in the fraud procedure, it’s considered mail fraud.

The way to defend yourself from mail fraud The very best way to guard against mail fraud is to make sure a letter is legitimate before responding to it. If there’s a telephone number printed on what looks like a piece of official communication, verify it’s actually the telephone number of the firm involved rather than a fake one. A general guideline when sending a correspondence which includes personal info such as your bank account number or SSN is to take it to the post office so it can’t be stolen out of your mailbox.

Ensure you don’t leave out mail in your mailbox for far too long! Should you know you’ll be away for some time, consider stopping your mail service or asking a neighbor to get it for you till you reunite in town.
Driver’s License Fraud You want your driver permit for tons of things! To board a plane, to start a banking account, and to drive! It’s no wonder then that some people today try to steal & a motorist’s permit that they may do some of those things under a different name–yours.

If a person has been issued a driver’s permit in your name, they can ruin your reputation without you even realizing it! Traffic violations are a concern, but you need to be more concerned about them committing worse offenses in your name. In case the scammer happens to live in your nation, you might run into trouble when the time comes to renew your permit.
The way to defend yourself from a driver’s license fraud Whenever you discover someone has a fraudulent driver’s permit in your name, contact your state DMV to get it to shut down right away. You’ll also need to watch your credit report to make sure the burglar isn’t utilizing your info for other kinds of fraud too.