When you are charged with a federal crime or are the subject of a federal investigation, you will need the service of a Tacoma criminal defense attorney who has experience in the federal system. Many attorneys are admitted to the federal court, but few actually practice there. At The Law Offices of Krupa & Clark, we practice in the federal court and we do it on a regular basis.

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A federal crime is a crime that is specifically prohibited by federal law or a crime that occurs on federal property such as a military installation or a national park. These crimes are generally investigated by agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), and the Criminal Investigation Units of the military such as Army (CID) or Navy (NCIS). Specific federal agencies such as Department of the Treasury, Department of the Interior, and the Social Security Administration also have their own criminal investigative branches.

The law enforcement personnel that work for these agencies are highly skilled and trained and have years of experience. Many of them also have extensive legal training and a surprising number have law degrees. These investigators work closely with agency attorneys as well as Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSAs) at Department of Justice when conducting their investigations and putting together a criminal prosecution.

Federal agency attorneys and AUSAs are the most highly skilled and trained prosecutors in the criminal justice system. The investigations are for the most part secret and a generally lengthy, detailed, and meticulous. Because they are federal, these cases are also not hampered by the budgetary restrictions of state or local investigations


In Western Washington, Federal Crimes are prosecuted in the United States District Court in Tacoma and Seattle. The Tacoma criminal defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Krupa & Clark have been practicing in these federal courts for 20 years.

Examples of cases we have handled in United States District Court include:

  • Arson
  • Assault
  • Bank Robbery
  • Bank Fraud
  • Conspiracy
  • Drug Charges
  • DUI in National Parks and Military Bases
  • Health Care Fraud
  • Immigration Charges
  • Larceny
  • Money Laundering
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Pornography Charges
  • Procurement Fraud
  • Prostitution Charges
  • Shoplifting
  • Social Security Fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • Tax Charges
  • Theft of Government Property
  • Weapons Charges
  • Wildlife Violations

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Federal criminal cases are prosecuted under the United States Code. Some minor offenses such as DUI, may be prosecuted under the Code of Federal Regulations or applicable state law under the Federal Assimilated Crimes Act.

Federal criminal prosecutions are governed by the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and the Federal Rules of Evidence. The United States District Court for the Western District of Washington also has local criminal and procedural rules.

Federal sentencing is governed by the Federal Sentencing Laws and Guidelines. These laws, rules, and procedures are complex and can frequently change. At The Law Offices of Krupa & Clark, we have made it our business to understand the complexities of federal criminal practice and to keep on top of the changes in the law and procedures through specialized training and professional development. Over the years our team has successfully represented hundreds of people in federal court.

Please contact us to find out how our Tacoma criminal defense lawyers can use our experience to help you with your federal charge.

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The team at Krupa & Clark are excited to announce some new changes in our practice.  Steven Krupa will be leaving the firm to explore new opportunities effective June 30, 2020.  As of June 1, 2020, the name of the firm will be changed to the Law Offices of Michael Clark.  The firm will continue to focus on helping people who have been injured through the negligence of others, as well as other matters. The team, and especially Michael Clark, want to thank Steven for his years of dedicated service to his clients and the greater bar association, as well as for his friendship. We are proud of our association with Steve and look forward to seeing what the next chapter has in store for him.

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